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Stop struggling and pushing





You probably already know that the way to get into the flow of life is not to struggle and push. It’s not about hard work or massive effort; those are signs that you are working against the flow. And you probably already know that when you are resistant to the flow of life, things are hard, take enormous effort and feel like a struggle. 


When you’re not in the flow, you might feel a little shaky or uncertain. It can be downright scary when you want success and alignment, but you realize that you are disconnected, feeling blocked, and not living your potential.


As a “blocked seeker,” you have probably been resisting life and are feeling disconnected from your heart and the bigger vision of your life. 

It's not your fault!
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It’s not your fault you’ve been stuck and blocked. You need better tools to help you become the clear sage who is tapped into your intuitive voice, has a clear vision for your life, is on track with your goals, and can adapt to changes in the flow of life.


When you work from your heart-felt connection, trust yourself and create heart aligned goals and habits, you can experience the ease and flow of life, even when times get rough, and adapt to whatever life sends your way. Instead of feeling like your lost at sea just waiting to wash ashore and get a break, you can learn to take charge, direct your sails and allow the winds of life to help you on your journey.


When we become the “clear sage,” you’ll know your purpose and your vision for your life, you’ll find that motivation comes easy, and as you release the blocks you’ve been carrying around, you’ll come to believe that everything truly is 100% possible for you. 

You Can’t Think or Reason
Your Way Past Your Blocks...

because many of the thoughts and habits that have been keeping you stuck in struggle, drama, and trauma are not things you can analytically change. 


  • You can try reading self-help books, and you probably have already read some, but they can not transform your life when you have subconscious blocks that prevent you from being in the flow and doing the things you want to do with ease and grace.


  • You could try life coaching: but most life coaches can only try to talk you into or out of something. They don’t have the tools to help you shift and release blocks at a subconscious level. 


  • You might have noticed already that you can’t wish, goal setting, or will power these things will just  wither away.


Now, you already know that to release the deep subconscious blocks that have held you back you need more than goal setting, will power, massage or energy work, life coaching or books.


You need tools that go deeper and help you transform at a subconscious, identity level, like hypnosis and NLP.

I could tell you that working with me for hypnosis will get you results much faster than trying self-hypnosis but I won’t. I’ll let you discover that for yourself.

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As a Reiki Master and Provincially Registered Massage Therapist turned NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, I created the Sacred Harmony Method as a framework to help guide your hypnosis sessions. This is the key to opening your deep inner blocks, removing limitations, and getting you into alignment and flow. You’ll do this by learning to tap into your heart connection, creating heart aligned goals and habits, and developing self-trust. 


All three of these are essential elements. The heart connection with yourself and others will guide your vision. Heart-aligned goals and habits are how you will make your vision a reality, and self-trust will keep you focused on your intuitive knowing so that you learn to trust what you know for yourself.

You need all three of these. 

If you are missing out on your heart connection with yourself and others, you’ll find yourself resisting the flow of life because you aren’t in tune with what you truly want and need, and that block will also keep you from connecting deeply with the people around you. 


Heart-aligned goals and habits are how you will manifest the changes in your subconscious into your life and the world. Creating aligned habits will make maintaining your growth easy.

And until you learn to trust yourself you’ll keep second-guessing if you “really” know what you want and if its heart aligned.

Like a young bird growing its wings so it can soar on the winds of life, you must develop these skills for yourself. Until you do, I can help hold this sacred space and vision for you and show you how to use your wings.


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JM Arnell

Glenda Barber is a Gem of a hypnotherapist. My hypnotherapy session began with Glenda asking me interesting, thought-provoking questions. Glenda’s soothing voice and patient, personable, compassionate manner allowed me to feel completely calm and at ease, answering her questions.

Her beautiful skill of weaving the colourful threads of our conversation into a warm and cozy tapestry during hypnosis made me feel safe, relaxed and light ... in fact, I felt like my arms were floating skyward toward the end of the end of the session!

I am grateful to have a recording of the session to listen to whenever I want.

I highly recommend Glenda’s service to anyone. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. If hypnotherapy is on your radar, serve yourself very well in seeking care with Glenda.

JM Arnell


Keenan Armitage

OMG Glenda is truly special.  I just had a session with her!  WOW is all I can say.  I felt completely comfortable.  I was able to fully relax and trust her guidance, knowledge and expertise during our session.  Instantly, I knew I was safe and that I was in very capable hands.  I cannot recommend her enough.  I will be back.  Thanks Glenda.


Staci Ogle

Glenda was amazing to work with! She was calm, peaceful and caring during our session. I truly felt at ease, like I was talking to a friend. I could feel her passion for helping me during my hypnosis session. Her voice was so caring and expressive which allowed me to be open and receive her guidance. She has a wonderful gift and I highly recommend her. Her spirit will put you at ease.


Lauren Lagin

I was so honored to participate in a hypnosis session with Glenda. Through fun games, she played at the start of our session, I was able to get out of my head and get into my heart for possibly the first time in my life. I was then able to use those discoveries in my hypnosis and have continued to use them when I do self-hypnosis. Glenda helped me to realize how much I really do need to focus on self-love and self worth as well as to come up with a plan to continue to improve these areas of my life. Her voice is so calming and she has such a sweet energy. It was a pleasure to work with Glenda and I highly recommend her!

Where Will You Be After You Create
Sacred Harmony in Your Life?

Fully consider that question. Just imagine the joy that comes with ease, flow, and alignment. The deep heart connected relationships, the simple heart aligned habits that support your goals, and the confidence that comes effortlessly when you have self-trust.


You could keep struggling to get into alignment and move into alignment with the flow of life on your own, but why?


Right now, you have two choices, and you can only choose one.

You can keep working on your own, blocked by the same patterns you’ve failed to recognize, learn from and shift in the past and working with coaches who can’t see the deeply held beliefs that are holding you back - and even if they can, those coaches don’t have the tools to help you shift on a subconscious, identity level.

You can keep struggling and wasting time and money in the process while you resist the flow of life and its lessons. And if you choose to try it on your own and stay stuck, fully recognize that that is a choice you are making and take complete responsibility for that choice. 


And really think about where you’ll be two months from now, six months from now, even a year from now if you don’t commit and change.




You can book your session today and celebrate that you’re ready for change and that the Sacred Harmony method and my unique blend of hypnosis and life coaching can help you get back into the flow of life and release your inner blocks.Just imagine how great you’ll feel in a few short months when you’ve shifted and released your long-held limiting beliefs.

I personally guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase, or you can let me know within 48 hours of your purchase, and you’ll be refunded within 24 hours.

Not sure if we’re a great fit to work together yet? Book a discovery call using the link attached to schedule your call.